Frequently Asked Questions

The Everybody Edits staff is asked a lot of questions. Often times we find ourselves answering the same ones over, and over again. Therefore we have compiled a list of the more frequently asked questions. Generally, your questions will be answer either here or on the help page, but still free to ask us if you come up empty on your search!

The answer is no. If you're a customer at a bank and you ask to be manager, what do you think the answer would be?
Usually, updates do not have set release dates. We know it can take us a while to release an update, but please bear with us. We want to make sure that content we release is the best it can be.
We do not give hand-outs. We have an energy system that allows you to get nearly all shop items for free.
Nope, sorry. We don't give away free energy, or gems, either. All accounts come with a default max of 200 energy, which when spent will automatically refill. This allows you to keep buying items in the shop.

Gems however, cost money. By buying gems you support Everybody Edits to keep it up and running.
The superman smiley and text block are staff-only items. We do not have any plans to release them to the public.
Unless the level is actually created by the mod or admin you're asking, we do not know. We don't get to see the level code ever. And it is up to the world owner if you are given edit rights, or not.
Nope! If it's not a level we made, we don't edit it to help people out. If a level creator made a part to be extremely difficult or even impossible, they did so for a reason and it's not our business to change their level.
We know you have some great ideas, everyone does! That's the problem however. Everyone has great ideas for things we should add, and someone else probably even has the same idea you do. If it hasn't already been posted, you can post your idea to the suggestions section on the forum.
No, there are no secret mods. All of the staff members are marked in game with colored names.
Admins code/develop the game, while mods moderate the game and make sure everyone is following the rules.